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The Heart of the Community

Join us for 9 am worship or use the link below to livestream or view later!

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Worship Service October 1st : Exodus 1 & 3 : Moses and God's Name     (in the garden and live streaming)

Click on above image to view the worship service. NOTE the audio is muted prior to the start of the service.


Plan to join us on October 27th for our Swedish meatball dinner from 4-7. Enjoy fellowship with your neighbors and friends!

Meatball Supper Photo.jpeg

Join the Lectio Devina group every Tuesday at 9 am as we wrestle through the deeper meanings of the weekly scripture text. Join us in person or via zoom. Contact Randi Alreck or Pastor Susan if you are interested.


Men's group is meeting at 8:30 am every Thursday at church. Join us for fun, fellowship and perhaps a few projects.


Our WELCA group is very active during the fall & winter months. We meet the second Tuesday of each month during fall & winter! Join the ladies of the church as we meet for prayer, bible study and fellowship! Contact Linda Grong or Pastor Susan if you are interested.

WELCA Gals 2022.jpg

Plan to join the quilters who meet weekly on Wednesday at 9:30am at the church. Everyone is welcome, from novice to experienced quilters! Just show up or contact Kay Struve if interested. 

Quilts 2021-6.jpg
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