2019-2021 Confirmation

Our next group meeting will be Sunday, May 17th at 2pm virtually (via Zoom).

Check back here for information to the confirmands, their mentors and parents.

Helene Hedlund is our confirmation coordinator - contact her with questions.


We would gladly welcome more students - including adults! Talk to Pastor Susan if you're interested in attending!


KRLC May 2020 Confirmand Instructions - "Holy Week and Easter"


This 7th meeting will be led by Helene on the “Holy Week and Easter”.

Unit 9 . . . Holy Week and Easter.  ZOOM meeting to be scheduled for May 17 at 2:00 p.m.  You will find assignments of Bible readings, Student Book readings, contact with mentors and review of Palm Sunday and Easter podcasts.   If you are like me, sometimes I wait until the last minute to complete assignments.  As a heads up, I recommend you review the contacts you are requested to make with your assigned mentors so you will be prepared to discuss the input you received from them.   As you review the materials, if you have questions, please contact me.


KRLC June 2020 Confirmand Instructions - "Pentacost"

Unit 10. . . Pentacost.  .Please note - we will not be meeting during June.  Rather than meeting, please access the Pastor Susan's podcast sermon on Pentacost Sunday, May 31, 2020.  You are asked to complete the sermon note worksheet and send to Helene via email.


As an optional Pentacost assignment, if you and your parents are in agreement, please send me a picture of you wearing RED . . . the color associated with Pentacost.  The congregation would love to see you in person, but since that is not possible right now, a picture would be great.  Again, if you have questions, please let Helene know.







KRLC April 2020 Confirmand Instructions - "Jesus' Ministry"

This 7th meeting will be led by Pastor Susan on the “Parables of Jesus”.


Watch Faithtalk.  LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSEdMzwsY4M

Two parable sections to be studied:


1)     The good samaritan

- In your bible read: Luke 10:25-37.  Notice Jesus tells this parable to answer a question from a lawyer.  Highlight or underline your favorite sentence or two.

- Know these key words: priest, levite, samaritan, neighbor—look up the middle two if you need to.

- In your student book read: 

    p. 212-how to care for the sick

    p. 195-how to work for peace and justice

    p. 39-the most rebellious things jesus ever did

- Write down for yourself:  

     who are my best friends?

     who are my enemies?

     have you ever been a friend to someone that was awkward or hard, because they were different from you in some way or hard to like?  who and when?

     Ask your mentor, via texting, phone call, or email, the last highlighted questions.  Summarize their answer.

2)     The lost and found parables.  There are three parables in this group: the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal (or lost) son.  The last one is by far the most well known.  All are great, though!

- In your bible read: all of Luke 15. Put an * by the one of the three parables which you like the most. 

- Know these key words: lost, found, grace, forgiveness, celebrate.  again, look up any of them in you’re not sure.

- In your student book read : p. 228-how to be saved by grace

- Write down for yourself:

     what is something i lost which I valued and never found?  how did I feel?

     what is something i lost which I valued and found it again, and was so happy?

     have I ever felt lost?  when or how?

     can god find me, no matter what?

     Ask your mentor, via texting, email, or phone call, the highlighted question and summarize their answer 



KRLC March 2020 Confirmand Instructions - "Jesus' Ministry"

This 6th meeting was led by Randi Alreck on the subject of “Jesus' Ministry”. The assignments are in the buttons below.


KRLC February 2020 Confirmand Instructions - "The Birth of Jesus, His Early Life, and His Temptation in the Wilderness"

This 5th meeting was led by Anne Jasperson on the subject of “The Birth of Jesus, His Early Life, and His Temptation in the Wilderness”. The assignments are described in the attached document. Complete the following activities (or as many as you can) on your own, with your mentor or with a family member.


  1. Watch a video clip depicting the birth and youth of Jesus:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn5V-hNDH_4

  2. Activity--Ask one person—a family member, a friend or your mentor—what they remember learning and thinking about the Birth of Jesus and his early life.  *Ask them if/why they think His birth and life are important to them. *Record what they tell you.

  3. Overview of His birth and early life--

    1. Look at the map in your “Here We Stand Student Book” on page 109 & find locations in attachment.

    2. Complete a few of activities 4​-6 about the Angels, the Shepherds and the Magi (see attachment).

  4. Overview of His temptation in the wilderness (bullet 7 in attachment)--In 3 of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke), Jesus finds himself being tempted in the wilderness by Satan after he was baptized and had fasted for 40 days (he was weak!). 

    1. ​*Watch the video representing The Temptation of Jesus in the Wilderness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkHeETl6yqY&app=desktop    

    2. *Study the Map in your “Here We Stand Student Book” page 109.   

    3. *Find Jerusalem and draw a line East to the Jordan River. Your line shows the wilderness area where Jesus was tempted.  When Jesus left the wilderness, he walked to Galilee.  Draw a line from the wilderness to Galilee. This is about 80 miles!

    4. Complete a few activities 8-10 about the temptation and Holy Spirit (see attachment).




KRLC January 2020 Confirmand Instructions - "Israel Becomes a Nation and
Message of the Prophets"

The 4th meeting was led by Helene Hedlund on the subject of Israel Becomes a Nation and
Message of the Prophets. The assignments include:

- 2 study guidelines for January:

     1.  Israel Becomes a Nation

     2.  Message of the Prophets

- There will not be a "Faith Talk"

- Confirmands should contact their mentors and discussion questions in the Israel Becomes a Nation assignment.  

KRLC December 2019 Confirmand Instructions - "Moses"

This third meeting was led by Randi Alreck on the subject of Moses.

Open the attached for your lesson assignments and other ideas for the month of December.

KRLC November 2019 Confirmand Instructions - "Prehistory and Patriarchs"

This second meeting was led by Bobbie Mattson on the subject of Prehistory and Patriarchs.

  1. Watch Faith Talk video on YouTube, using the following link: KRLC Faith Talk #2 - Nov 2019 Video

  2. Read in Here We Stand student book: Pages 26, 45, 56, 67, 75, 96-97, 111, 176 228, 280

  3. Answer these questions: 

    1.  Does God still use miracles today? 

    2. Is it easier to recognize others gifts more clearly than your own?

    3. Would spending 40 days together on a cruise be a good or bad thing for your family?

    4. Which of these five facts about life in old testament times surprised you the most? Which do you think would have been the hardest to adapt to?

  4. Connect with your mentor: Contact your mentor and find out what makes a bible story interesting to them?

October 2019 - "Getting Started with the Bible" 

During our first meeting on October 20th, Pastor Susan taught on the subject of Getting Started With the Bible. 

  1. Watch video clip Faith Talk on youtube, using the following link: October Video

  2. Do quick page through your student book, it's actually pretty interesting and has a lot of variety and humor.

  3. Fill out pages 10 and 11 in the student book as best you can; if you don't know the answers, just leave it blank, we'll discuss on Oct. 20.

  4. Read in the student book page/s: 13, 26-27, 45, 49

  5. Activity: Ask one person---a family member, a friend, whoever--what their favorite Bible verse or story is and why.  Record what you learn on the bottom of page 27 in your student book.

  6. Come on Oct. 20 for group meeting at 2 PM, bringing parent/s, for introductory session. 


Below are 2 documents with more information and a form for your sermon notes. Blessings on your learning!




We are excited to have several congregational members serve as mentors to the confirmands! They'll be great resources for each of you as you walk on this spiritual journey.
Deb Allert - Email Deb Allert - Ali
Pat Meyer - Email Pat Meyer - Dani
Karl Johansson - Email Karl Johansson - AJ