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God's Global Barnyard & Good Gifts 2019 Summary

In 2019, the children selected donations of: one family farm, 2 pigs, honeybees, 6 fruit-tree seedlings and 12 chicks using the combined contributions from their yearly offerings and your contributions via Barnyard coin banks, Sunday offerings and memorial gifts. In addition, church families donated 1 pig, 3 goats, a chick, a rooster, a faming field school for a woman, school fees and uniform for a girl and a simple water well!!! Wow!!! These gifts grow the church, fight hunger and transform lives. 

How do your Unrestricted Offerings become Mission Support?

As Lutherans, we believe that Christ has freed us from sin and death, and even from ourselves, so we can love and serve our neighbors. One way we put our faith in action is by making a financial gift - an offering - to our congregation.  Each year, our congregation strives to give 20% of the KRLC unrestricted offerings to ELCA ministries in our synod and beyond - these funds are called Missions Support: 10% to the NE Mn Synod, 5% to local outreach and 5% to world outreach. In 2019, we exceeded this by also contributing above and beyond the 20% to God's Barnyard and the Two Harbors Food Shelf. Our Missions Support is pooled with other resources for the ELCA to love and serve our neighbors in ways no individual congregation can do alone. This graphic describes how the Missions Support funds church-wide ministries. 

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