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2019 Kitchen Renovation
It's DONE!!! The kitchen renovation was completed a whole week before the Fishcake Dinner, restocked and in full use for that annual event!  A boatload of thanks go to David Grong, Ed Lee and the kitchen committee: Lee Bujold, Bjorn Ojard, Pat Meyer, Kay Bloom and Melanie McMillion! What a transformation it has been as you can see in the photos...and completed under budget!
The Lord has also provided financing above and beyond all that we could ask or think! Our kitchen fund-raising event was a huge success (and fun too)!!! Our members and friends have made significant contributions and we have self-funding that nearly covers all of the kitchen renovation loan!! The Lord is good indeed!

Food handling training is now required for all kitchen volunteers - training online by viewing the video at (available on YouTube) and completing the questionnaire.  (see Randi Alreck)


What was done, you might ask??? 

The sewer drain pipe from the kitchen was enlarged to alleviate water problems when you tried to drain two sinks. The sewer vent lines were replaced to bring the plumbing system up to code (this required cutting holes in the lower bathroom ceiling and in the upper bathroom wall to facilitate this work).  

We installed a new make-up-air unit that is setting on a cement slap on the north side of the church and a large exhaust hood that provides fresh air in the kitchen (yippee!!!). We have all new appliances (very nice new oven and two wonderful refrigerators - wow). We added a dishwasher that sanitizes the dishes and a hand washing sink that's easily accessible! New stainless steel counter tops too.


The kitchen floor was replaced with epoxy - that is such a great improvement! A second entrance was added to the kitchen to allow better access (such a blessing that this wasn't a load bearing wall). The project results in a kitchen that is now certified by the county, so we can cook there and sell it off premises (such as Julebyen treats and Fishcake dinner take-out).

2019 Kitchen Upgrade

Beginning a building project is very much like believing in heaven; You cannot see the final results, but you believe it will be there when the time comes.  We began this journey about three years ago with just the seed of an idea.  We have moved through the times of talking and planning and we now are dealing with the final details before construction begins.  The initial steps were to obtain a building permit from Lake County, finalize our construction loan and plan our own personal involvement in finding the funds to pay for the project. And we're well on our way on all of these critical steps!!

Our application to the Lake County Department of Health was approved mid-July!!Our loan from the Mission Investment Fund of the ELCA was also approved mid-July!! Initial funding was provided though contributions and church funds and our loan should arrive in August.

Financial commitments have been pouring in from our members and friends!! Thank you in advance for your participation and cooperation! We Lutherans don’t like to talk about money, especially in church, so I know this stretches all of our comfort zones.  It will take all of us working working together to make this happen.  We truly appreciate any way you can help - submit donations in the offering plate or mail to the KRLC Kitchen Renovation at the church's address (above).

This drawing provides layout of the remodeled kitchen.

In the beginning.....
Kitchen IMG_9698.JPG
Kitchen IMG_9603.JPG
Kitchen IMG_9608.JPG
KRLC Kitchen Inside July 2019.JPG
KRLC Kitchen Outside July 2019.JPG
Outside KRLC Kitchen: Before



Northern Trends began construction in August. They plan to be completed so we can prepare our fishcake dinner in the new facility.  Every construction project has problems and delays but with your prayers we will finish in time.


Project Contacts

David Grong and the kitchen renovation committee members, Vicky Gorman, Sue Hubbartt and Bill Berg have led the way in the design phase and have begun the construction phase.  Ed Lee and the finance/communication action team members, Lee Bujold, Bjorn Ojard, Pat Meyer, Kay Bloom and Melanie McMillion will handle the finances, fundraising and the communication portion of the project working in cooperation with Michael Dent our church treasurer.  Pastor Susan will continue to be our spiritual leader during this busy time.  Please direct any questions to the appropriate person. 

Inside KRLC Kitchen: Before
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