KRLC Confirmation 2021-2022


WELCOME TO CONFIRMATION, YEAR 2021-2022!  We are excited to get going again after the pandemic year!  Our first class is on October 17 at 10 AM.  Parents are asked to attend the first half hour for a brief orientation; then our actual class will likely take an hour, so parents may return around 11:30 for pick-up. Since we only meet once a month for an hour or so, we ask you to do some work ahead of time to make our class time more useful.  This month there are 6 things for you to do before Oct. 17.  But don’t worry, they are mostly simple and won’t take too much time! 



  1. *If you are new, a 7th grader, fill out pages 10 and 11 in your Student Book to the best of your ability, don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers for page 11, we’ll discuss in class.  You may need your parent’s help to fill out parts of page 10.   Also glance through the Table of Contents for your Student Book and notice the humor involved as well as practical topics.     *If you are a 9th grader, find your Bible and your student book and look at  pages 10 and 11.   

  2. On p. 121 in your student book, write down 3 words that describe or define “church” to you…..these can be positive or negative words!   

  3. Glance through pages 296-311 in your student book.  This is the Small Catechism—a short booklet Martin Luther wrote to teach about the Apostles’ Creed, the 10 Commandments, the Sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion, and other things.  We will refer to this throughout this year.   


THE KEY WORDS for this lesson are: Martin Luther, Reformation, Catholic, Thesis, Recant.   

  1. IN YOUR STUDENT BOOK, read  pages 165 -166.  “Five Things You Should Know About the Reformation” to understand a little more about these key words.  On page 166, write in the year Martin Luther was born and the year he died, and where he lived(Wikipedia or whatever source you choose).  Also write down a one sentence definition of “ reformation” from any dictionary.    

  2. IN YOUR BIBLE: Read: Ephesians 2:8-9 and underline them.  (p. 1923)  Read “What is the Grace of God’ in the sidebar next to these verses and put a circle around them or highlight them.   

  3. IN THE SMALL CATECHISM within your student book, on p. 300, read “The Third Article on Being Made Holy” section.  Underline or highlight the words “Holy Spirit” every time you see them.  Write underneath the section in your book one sentence describing anything about the Holy Spirit—what the Holy Spirit does or feels like or looks like or whatever you want.   

General Information


As of two years ago, our congregation decided to develop our own Confirmation instruction, as opposed to piggy-backing with the Bethlehem-Emmanuel program.  Our goal was to create something effective and also less cumbersome than some programs are, given the busy schedules of families these days. We put together a two year program (Year one: Scripture.  Year two: Sacraments and Creed).  The yearly content does not need to be delivered in a particular order.  It is built around monthly in-person class meetings and some work for the students to do at home in-between classes.  This in-between work includes some reading in the Bible or a workbook, some kind of connection with a congregational mentor(could be electronic or in-person) and some activities of service to the congregation.   The monthly meeting is one Sunday afternoon a month for about an hour or so. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic happened, forcing us to go completely virtual the last several months of 2020 and causing us to simply suspend the program for 2020-21.   


So, we are now at the point to pick up with Year 2.  We have two 9th grade girls who will be doing year 2 (Dani Mattson and Ali Shaw).  Additionally, we will be starting a new group, combined with the 9th graders, all in one small class of 5 (or more, if others are out there) for the monthly meetings.  Our program is designed to be flexible so we’re not concerned with what grades people are in---in theory anyone, including adults, could go through this process, just making sure they get the content of both years included in their 2 year stint.  It doesn’t matter what order in which the 2 years occur.  

There will be 3 teachers:  Pastors Susan and Phil Berge and Helene Hedlund.  This year's focus will be on the Creed and the Sacraments.  




Email with questions, if you have a child wanting to participate in 2021-22 confirmation or are able to serve as a mentor.  

Helene Hedlund is our confirmation coordinator - contact her with questions.


We would gladly welcome more students - including adults! Talk to Pastor Susan if you're interested in attending!

Calling all Mentors

If anyone is interested in working with our confirmands as a mentor, please let Helene or Pastor Susan know.